Best Video Editing software for making YouTube Video

The rise of social media, it is not immediately followed by the development of multimedia content in it, such as photos and videos. Almost all social networking applications have facilities sharing photos and videos, among them is Facebook, Twitter, Path, and Bindery. There are even social networks that are specifically made for sharing photos and videos like Instagram and Vine.

This is supported by the smartphone camera technology continues to evolve for the better. Although our results are less good, there will be a helper application such as Camera 360 which becomes the savior gods, so that the resulting image to be like what we want.

If for photo editing application, it may be widely known. And what about the applications for video editing? Well, that's what I will discuss this time. There are 8 choices of applications that you can use to make a cool video, maybe you can show off to on Youtube.

Best Video Editing software for making YouTube Video

Montaj bring the principle that simpler is better. Not only free, Montage also very easy to use. Simply take a few videos each of which lasted 6 seconds with this app, or grab from a video that you've got, and then combined and added musical support.

For those of you who are bored with the video being so flat, Game Your Video is the right application. You can add interesting effects to make the audience understand what you mean in the video. And this application is also free.

Viddy is very useful when you want to record a moment that happens beatitude fast. Not many choices, you're pretty record what you see, complete with pause and resume recording. Then you can add filters and music to make your video more attractive.

Maybe you've felt frantically looking for a record button, and end up losing important moments. 1TapVideo try to solve it with a big button to record that could continue to be seen. You can set the timer to record automatically and adjusts focus, exposure and brightness levels while recording.

iSupr8 tried removing the pull side of vintage videos. With this application, you can add the ornaments dust and wrinkles as if the video is video captured decades ago.

Do not worry if you want to combine multiple videos and images. With Magisto, you can put some videos and photos, as well as adding background music in a fast time.

Horizon is actually not much different from other video sharing applications. But no one seems uniqueness that only owned by Horizon, which we can set the application to maintain the camera in a horizontal position. When our hands shifted and slightly tilted, the images captured remains horizontal applications, by utilizing a gyroscope that is in our devices.

Now, if this application is the most complete among other applications. We can create your own filter presets consisting of frame rate, resolution, and other supporting components. Bad effects, these applications become more complex, and need some time to learn all the functions in it.

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